Installing HA-Bridge


I was using Homeassistant VM on windows because I was using homeseer as well but now I moved completely to Homeassistant OS bare metal and I would like to install HA-Bridge. Anyway I can do this as an arson or as docker from inside Homeassistant ?

There’s an add-on → GitHub - bwssytems/ha-bridge: Home automation bridge that emulates a Philips Hue light system and can control other systems such as a Vera, Harmony Hub, Nest, MiLight bulbs or any other system that has an http/https/tcp/udp interface. This is a compact impl to run on small format computers. This is impl started from this project

Thank you, but it’s not on the repo anymore, i changed my setup to Debian 11 and running homeassistant supervised and managed to install HA-Bridge directly on Debian so all good now . i don’t really need Debian running since i have an unraid server for everything else but it’s no big deal

How did that work out I used ha-bridge for years with Z-wave and just now trying to make work on My PI5 HA setup, Alxsa keep saying it kind find my entities