Installing Home Assistant Supervised in Docker Desktop for Windows

Has anyone figured out how to do this? I’ve been able to run the basic unsupervised home assistant but don’t know how to proceed to a fully supervised installation.

Supervised runs on debian.

You can’t.

No, seriously, you can’t - see the requirements. Even Container (native Docker) isn’t supported on Windows.

If you want Supervised on Windows you need a virtual machine.

I beg to differ regarding docker containers on windows:

As mentioned in op I have been able to run home assistant in a container in docker for windows.

Saying it again: Supervised is not supported on windows. It is supported in debian. Full Stop.

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I’ve just tested this out on docker desktop-

took about 30 seconds to create. Logged in. Will test further

Has no supervisor though

Do I have to say it yet again??

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You also can’t use host networking mode on windows docker, and Home Assistant docker requires host networking mode for discovery and a lot of the integrations. This is why a home Assistant install on docker on windows isn’t supported.

Yes that is a reason, but I’ll say it yet a-bloody-gain Supervised is not supported on windows

So it has nothing to do with what windows can or cannot do. It is only supported on debian 11. Watch and learn, read the posts.

funny how people did not read the documentations. Supervised only run in DEBIAN 10 and soon only 11 period

The ADR has said Debian 11 since August:

Debian Linux Debian 11 aka Bullseye (no derivatives)

and (emphasis mine):

Only the above-listed version of Debian Linux is supported for running this installation method. When a new major version of Debian is released, the previous major version is dropped, with a deprecation time of 4 months. An exception to this rule occurs if the new version does not meet the requirements of the Supervisor.