Installing Home Assistant Supervised on a Raspberry Pi with Debian 11

Unless you have a specific need to use Supervised, use HA OS instead.

For someone like me that used a laptop, if you set a root_authorized_key in the sysconf.txt file, it will make the installation procedure full headless, with no HDMI cable, monitor, or keyboard needed.

Well, this thread is about installing Home Assistant Supervised on a Raspberry Pi with Debian 11.
I must have missed that there is a Raspberry Pi Laptop available now :laughing:

I meant I was using a laptop to flash the Debian image, and I did not have another monitor or keyboard. So I set a root_authorized_key in the sysconf.txt before plugin the microSD on the Raspi. That way you can go straight through ssh.

Cool thing. But who might want to use it with HA? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Could you please tell me what is the main avantage to use the HA OS ?

It’s an AIO solution, perfect for beginners.

This is not really HA related but thought I’d ask here because it is related to Debian 11… I just updated to Debian 11 the other night and my CPU temps are showing as almost 20 degrees cooler than they were… I didn’t know if there were changes made that actually caused this but I’m questioning which numbers were accurate the previous higher ones or did they really make that much of an improvement with the upgrade? I did find something related to Intel processors now being able to down-clock at certain times but not sure if that’s what I am seeing.

After updating to 10.1 I get You are running an unsupported installation.

There is a link if Supervisor shows ‘Unsupported installation’. What does that say ?

Nothing. After 2 hours it went away by itself. It is back again.

I also get warning for Unsopported installation and if check the link it say : software
The log :

21-10-19 20:11:10 WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.evaluations.base] Found images: {‘postgres’, ‘ryansch/unifi-rpi’, ‘xirixiz/dsmr-reader-docker’, ‘portainer/portainer-ce’} which are not supported, remove these from the host! (more-info: Unsupported software - Home Assistant)

I am running Version core-2021.10.6 and Version supervisor-2021.10.dev1905
Never got these warnings and the system was running heathy.

Do i need start using the build in add-on ?

Where did you get this log in? I saw nothing in mine.

@Tamsy @kanga_who @DavidFW1960 - Looks like the updated supervisor 2021.10.1 will flag the system if anything is installed “outside” HA. I know I have Portanier, and I think I have ssh and samba. How do I confirm if they are outside HA and remove them if they are? I don’t think this is a wise decision as these allow people to troubleshoot if HA doesn’t come up.

This is not a new change. It is being explicitly checked for and a notification is now provided.

Nothing has changed about the installation which would make it any more unsupported than it has been. The user is only being informed about it with this beta supervisor update.

and this is ridiculous. The whole point of docker is to be able to have stand-alone containers that don’t conflict with anything else.

What is the command to disable the system-health check again?


Actually yes, a straight docker install would be better than this choice and have none of these issues.

But this is not “your” docker install. HA OS leverages docker for this managed ecosystem. It uses docker to create “the appliance”.

A regular docker install would have no supervisor and you’d be free to manage it with portainer and whatever else you want.

Looks like it’s this… I’m going to upgrade and run that.

ha jobs options --ignore-conditions healthy

philhawthorne/ha-dockermon needs to be removed

Yeah no it wouldn’t be a better choice.

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Please let us know how it goes :pray:t3: