Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Raspberry Pi OS

at the moment the folowing works and fixes it:

‘sysctl net.ipv4.igmp_max_memberships=80’

Using this installation method, I can’t open GUIs from addons, it just shows

500 Internal Server Error
Server got itself in trouble

Any idea how to fix or debug?

Which addons? Do they use ingress?

e.g. deConz or Portainer, I think that they use ingress yes

I have problem with RBpi4+docker+hassio.
I instaled hassio step by step, and it works well… almost, i cant integrate mysensors.
Have problem with persistence file, i got such warning in log: “File does not exist or is not readable: /home/pi/docker/hassio/homeassistant/mysensors.json”, and after few seconds error “Permission denied when writing to /home/pi/docker/hassio/homeassistant/mysensors.json”
When i install hassio from image i didnt have any problem, but i need VPN on my RBpi, so have to install hassio on docker.
Any idea, can some one help me?

If you review the instructions in the first post of this thread, you’ll notice it never mentions “”. That’s the old name for what is now called Home Assistant OS and that’s not the topic of this thread which is Home Assistant Supervised (on Raspberry Pi OS).

There’s no such thing. is Home Assistant OS and that already contains docker. You can’t install it on docker.

You may wish to review the information here. It describes the four officially supported installation methods for Home Assistant.

Lastly, I may be wrong but your question appears to be related to a problem you have encountered with the MySensors integration, specifically a file-access problem. You may wish to post that in its own thread so that other MySensors users can see it and help you (because it’s kind of buried here in this thread).

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You need to use nmcli to configure the network for a static IP. If you only use the wired connection, you can turn off the Wi-Fi module with sudo nmcli radio wifi off as well.

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@kanga_who Which USB SSD are you using to boot? I’m looking at SanDisk Extreme PRO 128 GB Solid State Flash Drive, USB 3.1(Gen 1).


I have 2 that I use for testing (I don’t run my main HA on a Pi).

I have a 64gb Kingspec Z3 USB-C SSD, and also use a WD Green 120gb SSD in an Orico USB3 enclosure. Check this site for a list of known working enclosures.

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Did you forward your ports?

Not working

Care to elaborate?

This doesn’t help describe what issue you might be facing.

yeah that is true, I lost connection when I reset my modem assigning a static IP to my Raspberry pi. The Think is I follow the instructions and I am not getting hassio running on a docker container

I just get This site can’t be reached when I try to get https://<raspberry.ip>:8123

I would suggest this is your issue then. Format your SSD/SD and start over.

Easier to start over, it takes 30mins from start to finish.

I just ran everything to test on my test Pi, and have everything up and running, so you have caused the error.

I used your Guide with an Fresh Ubuntu 18 and snapshoted my old Hassio and everything works Perfect and i can install other Programs thats rly nice thx for that.

When HA gets an update i should be able to just do it with that instalation or will it make Problems?

Hi, ima noob here… managed to follow all the steps less the last one… any help or advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

First try again. A tls hhandshake timout can happen, can be just an intermittent internet problem.

I have the exact same problem. Did you ever find a solution?

I updated yesterday from a perfectly working 0.113.2 to 0.114 using the upgrade function in Supervisor.
After some waiting, I noticed HA was not coming back.

I uninstalled it all (I have automatic backups on Google Drive) using the info in Can't Remove Docker Containers

I then tried a fresh install using this Guide and script, without succes!
Script runs fine, but the HA docker image is not installed.
I looked into the hassio_supervisor logs in Docker, and I get this

0-08-14 04:36:02 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.updater] Fetch update data from

20-08-14 04:36:02 WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.updater] Can't process version data: 'null'

20-08-14 04:36:02 WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.homeassistant] Found no information about Home Assistant. Retry in 30sec

Can someone help me out here? The script is called with

sudo bash -m raspberrypi4-64