Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Ubuntu 18.04.4

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m using a old Dell core i5 laptop for this and don’t plan to run anything but HA.

It’s been rock solid for me, I can’t fault it so far since moving from Supervised to Proxmox. We’re lucky we have options.

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This isn’t a loaded question, but why do you say that?

I’m currently weighing up my options for what I hope will be the last time(!!!) I migrate my install to something ‘supported’.

Well what happens if I want to go into debug mode or access the Host OS with that? I won’t be plugging in a monitor and keyboard and that seemingly is the only way to do it. (I guess you can do a Proxmox Shell). I like to see where everything sits on the system with full control. Also there have been issues with HA OS with updates etc so happy to dodge those as well.

You can access the HA shell via the Proxmox web interface, no need to plug in a keyboard and mouse, or install anything that would make it “unsupported”. I’m sure you know that already though.

I would honestly recommend a Promox install. I was an avid Supervised user for a long time, but after changing I have noticed my system is faster, more reliable, stable and if I have an issue with anything else installed in another VM, I don’t have to worry about taking HA offline to resolve it.

Again, each to their own, but it would be my suggestion.

Yes I even said so in my post

Yes I came to Supervised from Proxmox (mainly because you documented it so well :wink: ) and I liked Proxmox. I really missed Bluetooth in HA though.

I think now that I can probably live without it for the benefits Proxmox brings.

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I run the script and it seems to only install 0.110 and I’m trying to upgrade to 0.112
Any idea if the script can be updated to install the latest version? (The built in Upgrade option in the Supervisor panel doesn’t upgrade the system for me.)

I just did a fresh install using these instructions to test and got 0.112.4, so they work as they should.

Have you restored a snapshot perhaps from 0.110.x?

Will this guide will also work on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

It will, but there may be some compatibility issues. I found when I tried in a month or so back that Docker-ce wasn’t added to the repos, and I had to use Docker-io which I’ve been told by Frenck causes problems.

So use 20.04 at you at your own risk - there is no real need to and Debian 10 is the recommended OS.

Just wanted to use the newest version of the most common Linux distribution. That’s Ubuntu 20.04.

Doesn’t know if it makes sense to start with an older than the current version of the os.

It is, but as widely commented on, it will not be a supported OS by HA. Debian 10 is, and will be the only OS officially supported.

There is also no real reason to use 20.04 unless there is something very specific that it has that 18.04 doesn’t have that you need. 18.04.x will receive major updates for another 3 years and then still get security updates till 2028.

Thanks Jason @kanga_who for this guide and script.

I just encountered an issue during installation, relevant for ubuntu, and I thought to share it maybe will help somebody as well…
If you’re installing ubuntu with lvm, the logical volume might not be resized after the installation done (it happened to me, not sure if this is the expected behavior).

As a result, the HA Supervised gets stuck because of not enough disk space. (stuck at “Preparing this can take up to 20 minutes”

One must check using the sudo vgdisplay and sudo lvdisplay if there is unallocated disk to the logical volume.
Then extend the lv and resize:

sudo lvextend -l 9999 /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lg
sudo resize2fs /dev/ubuntu/vg/ubuntu-lv

Where 9999 is by how much to increase in block size.

There is also no real reason to use 20.04 unless there is something very specific that it has that 18.04 doesn’t have that you need.

I may be confused at the point of the “Supervised” install, but I would say the whole reason to use it is the same reason to use 20.04 with it - it’s installed on an existing Linux OS that will be used for other things - ie those other things ARE the reason. Either way it violates the “supported” spec, so who cares?

It seems you (and a few others?) are really concerned about those being “officially supported” installs but what does that really mean for an open source project anyway? Sure, if someone uses anything other than the full OS install they may have issues, but it’s not like there is some SLA contract just because you claim that you followed the rules… it’s still completely up to some volunteers to help or not.

Of course, I realize I am basically just calling out your implied point, which is to get people to arrive at the conclusion that the “Home Assistant Supervised” is utterly useless from a “supported install” point of view if the OS basically has to match the full OS install :wink:

Anyway - your installation guides have been extremely helpful (to me and it sounds like to many others) - I would worry less about the “officially supported” part and more on the great community support part you have helped build. I’m guessing this will be a useful option for many people even if it requires the occasional bit of tweaking and forum questions!

That said: I have a fully working 20.04 server setup going on the latest i5 NUC - I had to change a few things related to systemd & DNS and install NetworkManager (which I should help document here) - but so far so good!

removing this was the only way I could get my Conbee 2 Zigbee stick to work (on Ubuntu 18.04.4)… so installing it is certainly something only some people will want to do.

Are you able to install and use HA Supervised without NetworkManager at all? It’s called out as an explicit dependency, though it would be great if it is not in fact one…

It’s been a while since I did it but as far as I know, I don’t have NetworkManager anymore on my system, and it works perfectly.

Someone who has an old PC laying about might want a simple install to just run Home Assistant. Supervised is perfect for that - no hardware investment and up and running with the Supervisor and Add-ons in well under an hour, so your point is not entirely accurate.

A new user who may wish to get support from the HA team on Github or Discord.

That’s not what I am implying at all. I am directing people to use my other guide/s for Debain and Proxmox as these are supported installation methods. If you wish to use Ubuntu and support yourself, there is nothing wrong with that, and this guide helps you with the install. For a new user though, this is not the best approach.

I’m glad you have found it useful and thanks for the feedback.

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Do you remember what you did? I tried to install HA Supervised too and everything worked great except DNS. Couldn’t figure out what to do.