Installing Home Assistant Supervised using Debian 12

I just went in and deleted my four lines that started with “deb” and typed in what kanga_who had typed, the 6 lines, and we may have a victory - Lets find out!

Edit: Aaaaaand that did the trick.

I really appreciate the help and responses. And the patience!!

I’ll have more questions, I’m sure… :slight_smile:


Just wondering - did you ever get this installed on an NC10? Just found one in my cupboard and planning on starting my HA adventure…

what img are you using?

nor debian-10.6.0-arm64-DVD-1.iso doesn’t even boot when I try to use SD card.

I know I’m missing something very obvious, just don’t know what.

No, I abandoned it, it may well be possible to install to a 32 bit machine but not without significant tweaking. I suspect the very frequent updates in HA would break the installation and lead to further tweaking so I left it alone. I’m running HA in Virtualbox on my daily laptop now, works fine.
EDIT: the main problem is with Docker, as far as I recall

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Heh, I’m back!! Well, I spent today waiting for NabuCasa to work (it had issues). I signed up for a trial account, I got SmartThings configured in Home Assistant, it looks cool! I can use my PC in my studio to access it. I DO have a monitor/keyboard/mouse hooked to it - I have the room, it’s in an upstairs corner. So then I shut down/restarted because I had to move the PC one last time.

hello - log in to Debian screen!

So I logged in with my username and password (from step 1.11). Successfully!

But… No Home Assistant! LOL I have the IP correct, and the port correct… But no Home Assistant!

I would appreciate any help. Also, any help to automatically restart it after a reboot.


If you reboot the machine, you don’t need to do this. The only time you need to log into the Debian machine is if you are running Debian OS updates - you manage HA from the web interface.

HA automatically restarts when the machine starts. If you have have set up a Nabu Casa account, it seems as though there was some connectivity issues for a few hours today that were causing start up problems for many.

I would suggest rebooting the machine, waiting a few minutes and then visiting http://IP_OF_THE_MACHINE:8123

Yep - I had to wait until Nabu Casa was fixed until I could sign up with them. I had put in a ticket - got a response within 5 minutes! And THEN they emailed to tell me I could go ahead. Nice of them!

So - I rebooted. CLEARLY I did SOMETHING wrong somewhere, as it’s sitting at a prompt.

Debian GNU/Linux 10 ejcourmac ttyl

ejcourmac login:

You don’t access HA from the Debian machine, I just stated that. Have you opened your web browser on your phone/PC/tablet/Laptop and gone to http://IP_OF_THE_MACHINE:8123?

Sorry, yes, I did after reboot, from another PC.

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.



Is this an IP on your local network?, or your external IP?

That’s my local network.

Did you use this in your web browser, or this

The second.

On the Debian machine, log in using your username a password, then run these command, and post the results

ip a
sudo docker ps

When you run ip a, what does the entry eth0 show? you’ve cut off the top half of the information

Crap sorry - here.

Well, this isn’t the IP of the machine. Look at eno0 — inet…

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Feel free to laugh at me. Go on, go ahead, I deserve it


I SWEAR I thought it was 214. I would have bet money.

Thanks yet again for your patience.



If you are looking for help installing Debian on a Pi4, you can take a look at this guide which will help you install a supported version of Home Assistant Supervised.