Installing on VirtualBox and being asked for homeassistant username/password

I had Home Assistant installed in VirtualBox. I was having some issues, so I restarted Home Assistant and as it was loading up, it asked me for homeassistant username and password. This is before getting to open a browser and going to The only username it will take is “root” and then “login”. Every reboot just took me to this login. I have my snapshots so, I just deleted the virual and started again. I followed “TheHookUps” video, like I did originally. When I started Home Assistant I got the same login. I set a static IP and rebooted. It always takes me to the login. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. The host machine is Windows 10.

I’m not sure what I am missing. I have followed the install directions from for a virtual machine. I download the vdi file (hassos_ova-5.10.vdi) from the page. Easier than the walk through from “TheHookup”. When I start up Home assistant, everything seems to be loading properly. Then it just stops at Welcome to Home Assistant.


It does not accept any other login except “root”.


Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to fix this?

Ok, I don’t understand. I tried opening the webpage using the virtual machines IP address before and it told me it was unable to reach it. Now I try and the Home assistant GUI shows up. It would appear everything is working properly now.

Hi, I am new into the Home Assistant and am having the same issue as above, please can someone help me, thank you.

Once you see the Welcome to Home assistant, you can ignore that command window. Do not close it.

Wait 5 minutes to make sure Home assistant has fully loaded and then open a browser. Go to your virtual machines IP address. Mine is In the address bar of the browser I would type I believe 8123 is the default port number Home Assistant is set at. It should then open a login page. The following link will help you once you reach the login screen.