Installing things via putty

I wanted to get rf outlets working on homeassistant by following this guide :

But now it turns out I can’t run the commands in putty like it used to be done. I get this message:
This happens with every command i try to run.

It’s probably very basic but it would be awesome if someone could help me with this.
Thanks in advance!

I asked Ben from BRUH Automation about this on his YouTube channel. This was his response;

"Yeah, with HassIO the goal is to move totally away from the command line. Your best bet is to either create a custom AddOn or to wait for one to be made "

Basically, you can’t use those commands anymore in HassIO. There may be another way of doing what you are trying to do through HassIO if somebody has created a third party addon. Hopefully somebody will be able to answer that for you.

1 Like is not based on Debian. Its Alpine Linux instead. The packagemanager there is called apk. Check this for more info on that: