Insteon integration YAY!

I just started rebuilding my HA Raspberry Pi system tonight after a couple of frustrating weeks trying to figure out how to get Insteon set up on it. I have a lot of Insteon/X10 devices.

This latest version actually has the Insteon integration available on startup!!!

I just want to say thanks to whosoever is responsible for that!!

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask questions as they come up.

Any input on how to resurrect my X10 devices after after a reboot would be greatly appreciated.

Was surprised this week when I had to restart after some setting changes.

Ron, If you are using HA version 0.115 or higher you can go to Configuration -> Integrations and you should see Insteon there as a card. Click on the Options button and it will walk you through setting up X10 devices. I would also recommend removing any insteon configuration from your configuration.yaml file.

Thanks, Tom. I had no issues setting them up initially.

What I meant was that after a reboot my X10 devices went orphaned and needed set up again.

Is there a simple fix for that after rebooting?

And btw- what is the easiest way to decommission X10 addresses as I replace with Insteon devices.

Can the yaml just be edited and the devices removed?

X10 devices should survive a restart so I am not sure why you would need to add them again after a reboot.