Insteon mini-remote configuration?

I have the 8 button mini remote. It was detected by Insteon Integration. But I don’t seem to be able to configure it so that a button pressed causes it to trigger.

How are we supposed to do this?

… time passes …

In an effort to fix this problem, I have inadvertently deleted this device and can’t get it back.

Any suggestions?

The Insteon Panel saved me. I was able to pair the mini remote through the Insteon Panel. Now it is back in the list, but I did have to restart HA before it showed up.

One more problem solved.

… time passes …

Then I worked on the Automation to get the remote to DO something. So I made an automation with a trigger, no conditions, and an action that was to turn on the light when the “f” button was pressed.

The key was to make the trigger be:

   Trigger Type: Event 
   Event Type: insteon.button_on
   Event Data: "address": "<myremoteIDwithNoDots>","button": "f"

… time passes …

I tried my second button automation. As I was watching the event trigger in developer tools, I could see that my new button was being pressed, BUT THE AUTOMATION for “f” was being triggered too. So that means that what I thought was the right syntax in the automation was not. Will have to play around more with that now…