Insteon trouble after upgrade to 0.62

After upgrading to 0.62, my Insteon devices no longer use the name configured in insted_local_lights.conf as the node name. Instead, the node name is the Insteon device ID. This of course broke everything that references the configured node name. I know I can use customize.yaml to give friendly names to the devices, but does anyone have any other ideas? This seems like a bug introduced with the latest upgrade.

This was a breaking change in 0.61:

Insteon local devices will now use their address as the entity_id and name. The friendly name can be customized using the standard customization configuration. (camrun91 - #11088) (insteon_local docs) (fan.insteon_local docs) (light.insteon_local docs) (switch.insteon_local docs) (breaking change)

Thank you!