Integrate rain gauge

I know there are many topics on this, but in my opinion no topic fits my task.

I have build a weather station with a rain gauge:
The gauge transmits the following data using a webhook:

Sample Time (Timespan between the samples)
Rain value for an hour. (Means: wenn the weather station gets power first time, it resets this value every hour)
Rain value / hour (Means: (Rain value / sample time)*timeForAnHour)

I can now display two values in my home assistant UI:

Rain as liter/h
Rain last hour

What i want to have and configure is a simple 24 h (or 48h) graph which displays the rain value for every hour. Where should i start? Is this possible to archive in the UI. E.g. using a template helper and display the helper in some kind of UI element?
I also found the “Utility Meter” but i am not sure if i configured it correct. What UI element should i choos to display the utility meter data?

Oh, and i also found this history stats sensor.

Is it possible to create this sensor in the home assistant UI, or do i need to do this completely in yaml code?

I hope someone can help me. :slight_smile:

So, i started now to create a history_stats sensor but i am not sure if this is what i need.
There is a configuration variable “state” which should be the state which i want to track, but what should i put in there.
I also send the delta rain gauge impulses for each transmit periode to the webhook.

the example says
entity_id: light.my_lamp
state: “on”
but i can not set state to “on”. This makes no sense.

My entity to track is a input number

There is no need to create a new sensor, you already have what you need.

Use this card:

To display this sensor:

Bonus: If you want a daily total sensor you can use a utility meter helper with a daily cycle that uses your “Rain last hour” sensor:

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Thank you! :slight_smile: I will have a look at your suggestions.