Integrating Brel (curtain) motors in HA

I have written a step by step tutorial in PDF that explains how to setup brel blind motors into Home Assistant. If people are interested please let me know and i will send it to you.

When i receive the Brel curtain motor i will try to add them to home assistant too and add them to the tutorial. These are slightly different i think because these motors are wifi based (not RF)


I am still looking for a solution. Would you mind sending me that pdf?

Can you send me a message on discord? John H.#7496 I will send it to you. I think ill make a webpage for this in the near future. This is not ideal

I just received my curtain motor from Brel and successfully integrated it into home assistant. For more info please contact me

Yes please…
I have IO curtains from brel and would like to add them to home assistant

Did you add the brel motors with an rflink? I’m kinda lost on how to get it working on home assistant.

With the motion blinds integration in home assistant it should be as easy as adding the IP of the Brel hub. After which all connected motors will be added to home assistant automatically

sadly, our blinds have no wifi. It’s the old ones with the 433 mhz receiver. Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

Hi, we recently installed Brel motors. Would love to add them to home assistant. I can currently control them with a remote.

Is the tutorial you mentioned still available?

Do you even read what I said? The Brel hub has wifi. The motors are connected over 433mhz to the hub. You connect to the hub and the hub will communicate the data to home assistant

Read the message above. If you have a Brel hub. Just connect all your motors to it. When done connect the hub to the motion blinds integration. You only need the IP address of the hub and the key provided in the Brel hub. If you don’t have a Brel hub then I can’t help you until you do

I have the Brel hub but I am not able to add it using the motion blinds integration.
First thing to check, if someone has a brel hub can you tell me what the name of the device is in your router? For some odd reason I am struggeling to identify it on my google wifi. I am quite sure its the device called espressif (as I think its esp32 based) But when I use that IP address and the API code I find from the app, I get the error “Unknown error occurred”
Anyone an idea how to trouble shoot?

Just jank the thing out if the power socket and see if it goes offline. That’s the best option to see if you have the right one. But I think it indeed is the espressif

That I could have though of, thanks :slight_smile:
So it is definitly the espressif, but I keep getting Unknown error occurred.
I get the API key from the App and copy and pasted it. So I am sure its correct.
Anyone ever ran into this issue?

I think your router doesn’t support or blocks multicast messages on your network. Try searching for that on how to enable this

I recently installed multiple roller blinds from Brel (mono-directional) in my sisters house.
I am now looking for a way to integrate them in HA.
Options I have seen so far:

  • RfxTrx433e. Supposedly supports mono-directional types only. Not sure how to teach the RF code without existing remote.
  • Rflink . Same as rfxtrx433, not sure how the teaching procedure will work.
  • DD7002B hub. Teaching should be straightforward and it has the benefit of having its own app (so should work independent of HA)

For the last option I saw there is the option of connecting the RS485 via usb to the HA server (raspberry pi in my case), or using Ethernet via the Brel API.

If I understand you correctly, you managed to get the hub working over Ethernet via the Motion Blinds integration?
Could you share some info on the steps to take (the HA docs only covers the procedure for devices from Coulisse)?
Thank you in advance!

It all works the same basically. You connect the motors to the hub. and set everything up you want using the app. When this is done you add the motion blind integration in home assistant and add the ip address of the hub and the token you get in the brel hub tapping 5 times on the right side next to your profile picture.

When you have done this press save and all motors and hub should appear in home assistant.

I hear allot of people getting errors when adding the hub. im not sure what that is though

I had errors setting up the hub, but after the latest upgrade to 2021.10.0 HA now supports unidirectional motors and it is working.
Well almost as the open button is greyed out, only the stop and close button work.
But I have an issue open on GITHUB that hopefully will help get that resolved as well.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I will first try with the RFLink solution as I have it laying around here still.
If I cannot get it up and running within an hour or so, next stop is buying the Brel hub :+1:

At the end I managed to get it working with the Dooya DC1602 which I bought as a (cheap) gamble since it looked similar to a remote that Brel offers.
After pairing the rollers with the remote, it was easy to have RFLink (as well as Broadlink) clone the RF commands.
So all in all I didn’t have to spend money on a Brel hub, but got things integrated with stuff I had laying around still.
For the record (and for others in the same boat), my rollers seem to be Brel MLE28 or similar (battery powered / USB chargeable).
Thanks anyway for the support here :+1: