Integrating Emonpi energy usage with home assistant, no return to grid/export reading

I am try to integrate Emonpi with home assistant so i can turn plugs on etc to use excess solar instead of exporting. I have got import and solar readings but cant find or work out how to get return to grid reading? Any help would be appreciated Thank you.

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Do you have export and export_kwh feeds configured in emoncms?


Hi Mike
yes, but it is logged as + & - on ct1 sensor. Just started using home assistant and it is a bit of a learning curve.

Could you show me your configuration of the export feed in emoncms

any help would be appreciated, as i am struggling a bit.

Hi @Hailstoneuk
I think what you have tried is to set a feed via postprocess, right?
There is here a post that accomplish this in the emoncms forum:

I hope it helps!