Integrating Roborock S5 Maxv with Home Assistant, guide seems to miss some context

Hello, struggling with Roborock S5 Max to integrate with Home Assistant, I am in the first phase to get the token.

I don’t have separate Xiaomi Gateway.

From the HA page, this option I understand basically doesn’t work with Roborock devices as these aren’t listed in Mi Home application

The Miio NPM cli is broken and doesn’t work with newer devices, I used the python one and after resetting the device I was able to discover it

What I don’t understand is that after discovery how do I configure the wifi AP point to work in my local network? When I do it from Roborock APP it would generate a new token and I am not able to reconnect to vacuum anymore. Is there a blog post guide how this whole setup should work?

you can find different methods to obtain the token here:

I managed to obtain the token via iOS backup few weeks ago

ps: i only use the MiHome app