Integration: Apple TV

I try to add a Apple TV to my HA-setup. The Apple TV and HA is on different locations (and subnet) with LAN2LAN VPN; in is reachable by ping from HA-cli.
When I try to add AppleTV by entering its IP; it reports “No devices found on the network”. Logs from FIrewall show no trace of traffic from HA heading for AppleTV’s.

Are there any known issues or restriction when using AppleTV-integration accross subnets?

Apple TV uses a multicast that may not traverse vlans, make sure your router can pass multicast announcements across vlans.

Alternatively there should be an option to add a atv via IP address

I have tried to add it by IP-address…

You must use an mdns responder to relay the MDNS packets. Using IP only works when the Apple TV is on the same subnet as home assistant.

I am having issue with my apple tv 4 stop responding. It has worked in the past. Just a few days ago, I am seeing this error.
The apple tv has a static ip. Is on the same subnet mask.

I have tried deleting and re adding only to be prompt with the same error below. It did ask me to enter the pin code and a prompt of successfully added.


I guess it is not straightforward to create an mdns-responder over a VPN between different brand of gateways