Integration category according security

Our home assistant already have quite nice number of integrations and sensors and it makes me really joy to improve smartness of our home. What I find a pain is searching for right tools/integrations.
Many of items works in home assistant (which is cool and thank for all developers who have made it possible), but there is still a big bunch of tools, which are not working without installing original app, registering at producer’s website and actually with HA preparing more complicated automations with data in producer’s cloud…
What I imagine are several categories in integration’s page, for instance:
-fully functional in HA (all data in HA)
-registration needed
-registration needed, data just downloaded (API)
-producer’s application needed (data are send and synchronized with external site)

Or some kind of security notes, if after installation the integration really fulfill what HA promise: privacy first

Good example for this are security cameras. My first condition for buying camera was that it has to be compatible with HA. I was quite happy to find Blink (even wireless!) and so disappointed when it was delivered and I found out that without sending all the data to Amazon it’s unusable. In some cases I will omit some security maybe, but in case as this one I am not going to trust third party.
Thank you!

Look at the end of the page for the respective integration and there you have IoT class, the explanation of the classification can be found here.
E.g. blink has the class cloud polling, which means it polls the state from a cloud at a specific interval.

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Thank you! I have overseen it.