Integration of Milight Miboxer 2,4 GHz Gateway with paired devices in Home Assistant

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I bought a Miboxer Gateway (this one) to control a Milight Floodlight. I configured this Gateway in my WLAN network and pair the floodlight with the app so that I can control it with the MiBoxer app.

I would like to integrate the gateway with the floodlight to my Home Assistant because I want to control it via this. I tried the configuration of LimitlessLED for this but this didn’t work.

In my configuration.yaml I added this lines:

  platform: limitlessled
    - host: <IP of the Miboxer Gateway here>
      - number: 1
        name: Balcony-Light
        type: rgbw

Can you please tell me if LimitlessLED works for my WLAN Gateway? And if so - is the configuration correct?

I would be very thankful for any advice.