Integration of Netatmo outdoor camera local to Home Assistant dashboard

Hello all,
maybe I have not enough know how, but my question is how can I integrate a Netatmo outdoor camera into my dashboard of Home Assistant.

My Yaml file:

 client_id: 5fdfafd7bd8ee8xxxxxxxxxx
 client_secret: ANxnlqB4wk1XUYw5X0Al1nzsDYxxxxxxxxxx 

The camera works well with the netatmo App. I expect an entity but no posibility to add the camera into my user interface.

For a good idea I would be very thankful

# configuration.yaml
#Netatmo Cameras
  client_id: !secret NetatmoID
  client_secret: !secret NetatmoSecret

The card:

aspect_ratio: 50%
camera_image: camera.netatmo_drive
entity: camera.netatmo_drive
name: Driveway
show_name: false
show_state: false
type: picture-entity

You have to ensure that you are actually using the configuration.yaml for the integration instead of the cloud link. Then you should be able to just add it to your dashboard as @GlennHA described.

Thanks - now it works - you make my day! BR Wolfgang

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Dear all,

I have recently begun to work with home assistant and I also want to integrate my two netatmo outdoor cameras in the system. But until know I failed because I have not enough knowledge about the whole thing and it is still very confusing für me. I’m also not able to integrate configuration.yaml. I only get the cloud link.

Is there a complete instruction for beginners like me available to integrate these cameras in home assistant, which shows me what I have to do exactly?

Many thanks in advance

Welcome Thomas,

see if this part of the documentation helps you.

I tried it. But I always get Nabu Casa and netatmo cloud.

Configure a default setup of Home Assistant (frontend, api, etc)

client_id: my_email
client_secret: my_password


Text to speech


  • platform: google_translate

group: !include groups.yaml
automation: !include automations.yaml
script: !include scripts.yaml
scene: !include scenes.yaml’

Hallo Wolfgang,

ich habe mir auch zwei netatmo Außenkameras zugelegt. Leider schaffe ich es nicht diese in Home Assistant zu integrieren. Ich muss allerdings dazu sagen, das ich auf dem Gebiet absoluter Neuling bin und im mich auch mit dem System erstmal überfordert fühle. Im Moment benutze ich sie mit der netatmo app in Verbindung mit APPLE Homekit. Klappt soweit auch ganz gut.

Wenn ich die netatmo integration hinzufüge, wird bei mir immer die netatmo cloud eingefügt.

Vielleicht kannst Du mir die einzelnen Schritte erklären, die notwendig sind, die Kameras in home assistant einzubinden.

Vielen dank im Voraus


Your client_id and client_secret are not your username/email and password. Please check the docs.
Please remove the integration, restart Home Assistant and try again.

Also, please read up on how to post config files correctly as it is very difficult to spot details that might cause errors otherwise.

Hello Tobi,

ok, I understand and I will try.

Many thanks