Integration with BASip SIP shared doorphone

Hi, i have an apartment where a BASip doorhone system is used. We have the BASip app on our phones, and with a simple SIP login, they can call us on the app and we can open the door remotely seing who it is via a video stream.

This is standard SIP and with a buttom that also should be standard. i dont know the video feed, but it is fed via the SIP, so i would imagine that is standard too.

So basically i need a SIP client that i can configure with a SIP adress, stun server, username and login - that is the basic. Videofeed would be nice to have - and the bottum to open the door would be really nice.

Any good idea on a SIP client integration in HA for this? looked through the whole forum- but seems most suggestions are for residential houses and not apartments witht these shard systems as described.



I know it’s been 2 years and you probably won’t answer, but did you find any solution? Have exactly the same issue right now with the same device.