Intensiv problems after update hassio

iam so happy with home assistant for moths now. but now after the latest update there are some big problems. I think my best solution is to downgrade to the previous version. Now the question. Is there no better way to downgrade only with ssh.
i installed a ssh adon and downloaded a ssh client called Termius. And here I am. I don’t know how to connect. sorry my English is not the best.
infos to my problems.

  • a script with wait_template does not work any more
  • in the frontend is a red box where is no state available for a  tv. but its a old  tv I already deleted it.
  • all my thermostats from fritzbox are gone in the frontend. the entities are still there.

that’s a lot of trouble in one message. but perhaps someone can help my. either with the problems ore to downgrade.
thanks a lot