Introducing Suno Kule, looking for early adopters for testing

Suno Kule means “colored lights”

I created Suno Kule to solve two problems I encountered while working with addressable light strips and existing firmware:

  • There is no way to create custom effects
  • There is no way to create custom layouts

I wanted to define effects much like shaders as found in modern 3D software. To be able to build effects out of a set of primitives and easily adjust parameters.

I just published a first version of the online app and firmware. There is a lot that still needs to be done, but this first version should be workable.

I am looking for early testers for feedback and identifying teething problems.

There is no home assistant integration yet, but absolutely planning on that, as it is needed for my own use case as well. However, I could use some feedback on what type of integration I could create best (mqtt, rest, entire custom integration)

Your github is a 404.

Interesting but same on 404 for github link :frowning:

Thanks! I had the repo still on private