Invalid config for [automation]: invalid template (TemplateSyntaxError: expected token ',', got 'media_player')

anyone know what is happening in here? updated to latest(0.115.2) version and getting this.
it did not show which line the error is coming from
maybe anyone here experiencing the same can help?

i dont think i have any media player setup in the configuration

Can you upload the automation

my configuration.yaml
i have

#automation: !include automations.yaml

my automations.yaml
is blank
is it because its blank it have this error ?

According to the error, there is an automation in one of your files and, it has an invalid template.

My automation.yaml file is also empty, all of mine are in packages with whichever item it relates to.

  alias: test
  trigger: something to trigger the automation
  condition: []
  action: action to happen because of trigger

If you can find something like this in one of your files, it might solve your issue.

I also have this error, it actually comes from the HASP packages files, probably a version change from the templating engine of Home Assistant broke the automation, but fear not the solution is easy. You’ll see on the file hasp_home_cinema_p8_media.yaml that there’s a template line with two single quotes before each variable. You just have to remove one of them. Here’s a before and after image to make the explanation more clear:


I’m not sure if this will break the functionality of the media player in HASP because I don’t use it, so be advised :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, i have few HASP package, i manually changed all of the package one by one, and it resolved the problem. Thank you so much

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