Invalid Config for [automation] iPad related

I keep getting this error to show up in my logs when I login to my home-assistant interface.

Logger: homeassistant.config
First occurred: 5:01:34 AM (3 occurrences)
Last logged: 5:01:34 AM

Invalid config for [automation]: Device d29bdbe7b10a01c7afdccf52b46ada35 not found. Got OrderedDict([('default_config', {}), ('tts', [OrderedDict([('platform', 'google_translate')])]), ('group', {}), ('automation', [OrderedDict([('id', '1602285939712'), ('alias', 'iPad Charging Off'), ('description', ''), ('trigger', [OrderedDict([('type', 'battery_level'), ('platform', 'device'), ('device_id', 'b34927670e0111ebaaf703660a102806'), ('entity_id', 'sensor.tcochrans_ipad_battery_level'), ('domain', 'sensor'), ('above', 99), ('below', 101)])]), ('condition', []), ('action', [OrderedD.... (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 13).

It keeps referencing this line in the code

(See /config/configuration.yaml, line 13).

I am not entirely sure what good be causing this issue. The only thing this automation does is turn off tp-link switch when my iPad gets to 100%. I am not sure is something in a more recent update broke or if it is trying to find something not being used. When I look at the yaml I am not seeing what could be causing it. Yaml is posted below, though I primarily do all my automations in the visual UI.

alias: iPad Charging Off
description: ""
  - type: battery_level
    platform: device
    device_id: b34927670e0111ebaaf703660a102806
    entity_id: sensor.tcochrans_ipad_battery_level
    domain: sensor
    above: 99
    below: 101
condition: []
  - type: turn_off
    device_id: 08601de036894d3fd894234dbb6c8178
    entity_id: switch.tool_charger
    domain: switch
  - service: notify.mobile_app_galaxy_s10_device
      title: Charging
      message: iPad Charged
mode: single