Invert sensors for Alarmo?

I am trying to add sensors in the state of “Connectivity” for monitoring ICMP.

The problem is, they will only alarm if the device “reconnects” after disconnecting. I would assume this is because the default state of a device that is “online” is ON,

I assume that alarmo is looking for devices to be OFF, and then an alarm is caused when the state is changed to ON. Therefore, the alarm only activates when the devices changes to OFF then ON again.

How can I change this behavior to rather alarm on a OFF state?


Sounds rather aggressive to use Alarmo for such a thing, I’d personally recommend an Alert from HA, but it’s your system. :slight_smile:

I can’t say, if Alarmo can handle other sensor states, that would be a question for the Alarmo thread, as there is support from the developer.

Anyway, you could use Spook to invert your sensor, if you need to:

Yea im just trying to think of the best way to manage it, I was originally use an alert, but I want to trigger other automations, I find the problem with doing this is I need to set up 2 automations, one for a trigger of an action and then another automation to restore the original trigger.

For example, I want to flash a LED when a device is offline, this I can setup in the same automation that Im using for my notification, but then I need to setup a new automation to restore the flashing led.

This gets messy with the automations, especially as I have so many entities to add for this automation (every device I want to monitor ICMP for) needs to be in the automation.

Just trying to think of the easiest and cleanest way to do it.