iOS 12 and saying goodbye to an old friend

The new auth API is now available for public beta testing! More info here. This does not include any of the above mentioned iOS 12 features, just the internal overhaul of everything + native support for the new auth API.


Siri Shortcuts are coming along quite nicely! I expect to push out a iOS 12 release to beta testers shortly after we get this last iOS 9/new auth API/internal overhaul release out the door.


Yeah. Widget it will be great option

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I am using it on iOS 12 and it works fine with me…

Hi @robbiet480 can i join the beta program and give you shortcut feedback?


see robbies post up above. There is a link to the public beta. Public Beta Testing is now open!

I made a pr to the docs about grouping of notifications since I saw that it wasn’t mentioned there.

This is Awesome news, I can’t wait to see Siri Shortcuts implemented into this wonderful platform.

I also can’t wait to see what the users come up with. Right now I’m struggling with shortcuts I can see it’s pot but it’s really complicated with a lack of detailed instructions.

Thanks for all you do @robbiet480 it very much appreciated and does not go unnoticed!

Good news! With zero fanfare, I noticed tonight that I now have access to the critical alerts entitlement! It’s working great locally thus far, and that was the last roadblock out of my control, so we are back on track!


Here’s some sneak peeks of the new Today Widget and the Apple Watch app.


Super! Great news!

Cant wait to test this. After that I don’t really see the need for homebridge anymore. When do you expect this in beta?
Keep up the good work!

Brilliant news about the critical alerts.

Hi. I really appreciate all work that is done for HA. Use your app every day. Thank you.

Question about siri. Any news on shortcuts?

I am really waiting for that for some reasons.
I am not a programmer at all, but if there is some help that can be done - I am open to try.

So I finally got very motivated on this problem last night and figured it out. (I got tired of the not authorized login warnings). So it seems you MUST have a password set on the legacy interface I never set one up since my HA is not exposed outside my network. So basically I had to set a legacy HTTP password, login in with that in the iOS app, then I get the new auth login screen, enter that password also and it seems to be working fine now. (so double login). Others may have figured that out already or had a legacy password set but I thought I would follow up in case someone else is still having the issue.

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I have not had a legacy api password since the beta of the new auth system and have not needed it for the iOS app to work. I don’t know why you see that behaviour.

Any update to this? I’d really like to be able to use Shortcuts to push event/info to HA…

Only method I found so far is to use a GET or POST webhook, but that’s seems annoyingly complicated.

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I also removed the legacy API password but I get errors daily saying there was a failed login attempt from my ios app.

Are you running the 1.5 beta of the app?

No, I’m running 1.1.1