iOS 15 Beta - Safari/Companion App Freezing

Obviously when running beta software i understand the risks and I’m not really looking for resolution just wanted to confirm that it is likely related to the beta and not another issue…
it seems since running the beta the HA web interface freezes and becomes unresponsive after a couple pages of navigation … often times I can change pages in the view but it will have “stale” info, like not update a sensors current state or button presses stop working… I have also noticed it in Safari so it seems like maybe it’s a WebKit issue and nothing to do with the companion app itself… (but I am yet to see the issues in other pages/websites) I have to then quit the app or close the browser tab for a few seconds then it will work again but. I’m thinking it is occurring more often when returning to a previously opened companion app or browser tab but haven’t narrowed it down just yet.

Just looking to see if anyone else on the iOS 15 beta has ran into similar issues.

I am seeing the same thing on iOS 15 - I’m assuming at this point that the iOS is the issue - and I’ve noticed that the “info is stale” when I refocused the app.

I often have to pull down to refresh to get things working again.

I’ve also noticed that some notifications seem to be coming in a little late.