Ios app partially working

I’m at 82.0 with ssl through duckdns. I tried to add my wife’s phone to the ios app mix and broke notifications to my phone. On my phone, when logging in, it prompts with https:// address with the 8123 port appended. It errors out when I enter my username, doesn’t give option for password and then opens when I click done. I have removed the app and re-installed with no changes. I get the battery level and plugged in status fine, the device tracker status is always ‘not home’. Notifications now do not work. Restored a backup from two days ago when notifications did work and they are still broken. I think the problem is with the app. Also, when I go to settings, the entries that used to have ticks and xs are no longer there. Anyone have suggestions?

don’t enter ANYTHING but the URL on that page… are you using the Beta app? Maybe that’s why you see a username. Don’t enable advanced options or use legacy authentication if you are using the new auth.

I always get crosses when I run app for the first time… then if you force close and reopen the app (after you have auth’ed) it will show ticks.

If you don’t have the beta app you should get it as the old app probably doesn’t work at the moment.

I’m using 1.1.1 . How do I get 1.5.0? 1.1.1 did work until I tried to add another iPhone into the mix.

I found the application to Beat and Submitted.

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Thanks, that seems to have gotten most of problems behind me. I still don’t get notifications and will look into ti further tomorrow. Cheers.