iOS app won't display panel

As per the title, in the iOS app, when I click on the hambuger, then “” all I get is a blank page with the bottom controls still visible (update location, map, refresh (arrow) and settings (cog)). This was on v0.69 and now 0.70.1.

There is no way to back out either, a workaround is to click on settings (cog), then “Done”. This throws you back to the main “Home” page. Everything else seems to work ok (actually the main page renderings are a bit flaky but I can live with that - often see device icons stuck when you scroll, but they go away after a page refresh)

Happening to anyone else? Any solutions?

as per issues with every browser except chrome, this is a known bug.

So the iOS app is just a web page rending (plus some other other stuff/menus etc) so affected by the same bug?

Yes it is.

Seems to be fixed in 0.71.0

Hassio panel started to work again and I was still at 0.70.0
Strange but glad that it is fixed.

it may be the new supervisor 107 that was released that fixed it.