iOS Camera Image Notification Sends as a Video

Recently I have been sending snapshots of my IP camera’s using the companion app’s native notifications. The image comes through fine and it is a still image but the issue is that iOS see it as a video stream. When I swipe down on the notification the play/pause controls show up, which then annoyingly pause any media playing on the phone. I have tried adding the content-type: jpg to the service call but that has no effect. Not sure if this is a bug or expected behavior. I am running HA 2023.4.1 with the companion app running 2023.4 on an iOS device on 16.4.1. Here is the service call I am currently using:

  message: test
    entity_id: camera.front_door_main
    content-type: jpg

Providing the entity_id causes the app to ask the server for either a streaming (HLS) or MJPEG (stills only) visual for the camera. Likely your camera gained support for streaming which is what the app is doing. You could use the /api/camera_proxy/entity_id value for image if you do not want it to live-update.

That did the trick thanks!!

Hi, can you explain how I find out the value? I’m new to HA.

Here’s what it should look like. Replaced <entity_id> with your camera’s entity ID.

title: Front Door
message: Motion Detected at the Front Door
  image: "/api/camera_proxy/<entity_id>"