iOS Notification Sound max duration / better way to trigger sounds from iPad

I am using an iPad to display my Alarm Panel at my home. When the Alarm goes into certain states I trigger a notification that has a sound attached to it (i.e. alarm armed, alarm triggered voice).

I have one notif that goes off when there is 30s left to disarm before the alarm goes off. I have a sound file that is 30s long but the iPad only plays 5s of the clip. I’m assuming maybe there is a limitation? Critical notifs seems to play longer, but they stay on the screen which is a UX I don’t like for friends/guests using my alarm system.


  • Is there a way to allow iOS to play regular notification sounds that have a longer duration?
  • Is there a better way to trigger the iPad to play sounds? I would love a local solution as I notice that Notif’s don’t always get triggered or can be delayed and are not 100% reliable. I am pretty tech savvy so if there is a solution for this I would love to implement it. I don’t like relying on external cloud services

Any help appreciated.