iOS notifications stopped working

Push notifications stopped working today. I’ve tried restarting hassio and my phone with no love. The logs shows the following

2019-11-19 21:42:43 ERROR (SyncWorker_0) [homeassistant.components.ios.notify] Internal server error
2019-11-19 21:43:56 ERROR (SyncWorker_4) [homeassistant.components.ios.notify] Internal server error


I just noticed I am having the same issue…

Same here. Would really like to know what’s happening, I rely heavily on IOS notifications.

Same here. Suddenly happened?

Exact same issue here. Thought it was just me

Same here just googled the error and it brought me here

Not sure if this is relevant, but I did the HACS upgrade and now i am getting a different error - 2019-11-20 07:29:13 ERROR (SyncWorker_6) [homeassistant.components.ios.notify] Forbidden - maybe a breaking change?

This stopped working for me today, but has magically started again. i don’t think I made any changes to break or fix it.

Notifications started working again this morning.