iOS sensors not updating

Hi there

When I am on a WiFi network my iOS iPhone sensors do not seem to update in Home Assistant. The sensors update fine in HA when connected to cellular. I’ve tried turning on a VPN when on WiFi and it doesn’t seem to help.

When I am connected to WiFi and go into the event log of the Companion App it is showing a large number of the following error repeated: “Webhook failed with status code: 403

Other details:

  • I am using Home Assistant 2023.5.3; Supervisor 2023.04.1; Operating System 10.1; Frontend 20230503.3 - latest
  • The iOS Companion App is version 2023.4 (2023.460)
  • The iOS Companion App seems to operate fine irrespective of whether on WiFi or cellular (other than updating my iPhone sensors in Home Assistant)
  • If I go into the Companion App / settings / sensors all the sensors show fine irrespective of whether on WiFi or cellular.
  • I remotely log in to HA using Cloudflared
  • I use 2FA to log in to HA plus use Cloudfare PIN Zero Trust as extra security

Thanks very much !