iOS Shortcuts/Siri -> Android TV

To anyone who might be interested. Was bored one afternoon so I thought I’d add basic Siri commands to my Android TV usIng home assistant companion app and iOS shortcuts. Gathered all the info and tools needed and went for it :joy: Might eventually expand to more commands depending on my usage needs.

To sum it up, shortcut no1 by saying hey Siri Android TV will get you 3 commands Turn it off, Turn it on and Set the volume to (number)%, meaning adjusting volume by setting the percentage of it.
Shortcut no2 will get you the ability of playing movies or series on Netflix by just saying Hey Siri Netflix, then saying the name which one you’d like to watch (can’t pick seasons or episodes for now, but u can pick up where you left or start from the beginning if it’s something new) ,
Shortcut no3 by saying hey Siri YouTube and then telling it name of the video, is opening and playing YouTube videos directly ( goes for the first video result in search, channel search can be added as well as opening searched queries in YouTube app,but that I’m planning on adding later on). To test and use them, only two things are needed to be done after downloading them, change tv entity_id in the shortcuts dictionaries to match yours android tv entity id, and set the server in home assistant companion call service shortcut action in these 3 shortcuts( located bellow dictionaries)



Android TV

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Thanks for sharing, I am new to these shortcuts with the companion app, so will have to play with it a little and see how to set it up, but sound interesting

If you need any help, if I can, I’ll help out, feel free to ask