IOT wars are over. open Standard wins?


There’s no money in an open standard. Force everyone to buy hardware in order to use the proprietary control protocol and profit off your data and over priced hardware they know you have to buy. People fall for it now, why would/should companies change that model?

You forgot USB-C @tom_l

That text is actually Randall Munroe’s (the comic author) picture description.

Yeah. Not sure where this will go but supposedly apple open sourced some home kit accessory building code

Now if only Apple would quit breaking HomeBridge’s opensource compatibility.

LinuxGizmos Has a informative article about all the happenings. (I thought so at least.)

When Z-Wave opens up, it will include the radio specification, application layer, network layer, and the host-device communication protocol.

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They have code on github latest change from a few days ago

“including to Work Group non-members wherever possible.”

Am I reading into this too much or am I correct to believe that “wherever possible” allows things to be hidden behind a “for security reasons” statement.