IP address of HA not from router

I’ve just setup HA for my first time running a VM on an apple MacBook using UTM and all seems to be working and I can connect using the provided IP ( from a browser on the Mac.

However, I cannot connect from any other device on the same WiFi network. I think the issue is that the VM/HA is giving an IP from the Mac and not a local one from the router. The router IP is so I’d expect the VM instance would be 10.0.0.X.

Any help would be great as I’m trying to setup a fire tablet as a dashboard so need to be able to access from a browser not on the server but on same WiFi.

Look for a way in the VM config to use the host network. This will give HASS a 10.0.0.x address.

or in UTM can you disable the dhcp server.

VM should be in bridge mode :wink: