IP camera motion detector get notification?


Any one know if HA can send push notification from IP camera to Telegram or Pushbullet ?

Home Assistant can send notifications to both services. The issue is that the motion detection feature of your camera need to send its state to Home Assistant. As far as I remember is Hikvision the only camera with support at the moment.

Ho no! how can i see how this work with Hikvision to test it with my dahuo?

Documentation at https://home-assistant.io and source code at https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant.

ok this one IP camera motion detector get notification?

I thought something else, where I set where to send the alert? like to pushbullet?

Thanks, i know about Pushbullet I thought there was a special script for it.

There is no special script, just automation.

Try to test it did not working, i will send message to the guy that start this maybe we can find how to use it in dahoa also