IP Webcam discharging faster than the phone can charge

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Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but i was wondering if this is happening to anyone else. I have an old Samsung A3 that has ip webcam installed repurposed to a camera feed for Home assistant. Everything works great with it and i have all available sensors from ip webcam integration.

The problem that i face, is basically that the application on the phone is so heavy that it drops the battery faster than it can charge. So gradually, i see the battery of the phone dropping to 0. As you can understand, this is not idle as it is used when i am not home (for security purposes).

I have even used a 10W charger (from an ipad2) and a good quality usb cable and while the effect slows down it is still present. I have also disabled many apps on the phone itself and i am using ip webcam in fade mode (turns the screen off to maintain battery). Does this happen to anyone else? If yes, how did you solve it?

In addition, is there any way, that the camera feed will activate based on an automation? For example, i don’t need to have the ip webcam server streaming all the time but i can use a motion sensor to trigger the streaming with an automation. If there is motion, the ip webcam server starts the stream. This would essentially keep the camera off until an automation triggers it and allow time for the phone to charge.

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Solved my own problem but i will write it here for anyone facing the same issue in the future.

The solution was to decrease the Frame Rate in IP Webcam video preferences. The camera supported 30 FPS and i limited it to 15 therefore less processing power is required. Now the phone charges slowly and the battery level is not decreasing.

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