iPhone change and lost notifications

Hi all, recently changed my iPhone. I have the home assistant app but now notifications don’t come to the phone. What’s the significance of the push id? Do I need to update it anywhere?

Just to clarify I’m using the ios notification service. Also worth noting works fine with my partners phone just not with mine since it was replaced

Check your developer tools states menu for phone entities with _2 or even _3 appended to them. Your old phone is probably still there unless you did the clean:

I just set up the app from scratch again as the beta has expired.
Make sure in the app config > notification that you have a push ID. Also need to then restart home assistant. After I did that I can semd notifications again

Fun fact as well, if you have multiple devices, all the sensor names have changed to have the device name in there as well and no more _2 suffixes. So check in dev-tools…

What happens if the new device has the same name as the old?

I don’t know. All I know is with the last versions, I have an iPhone and an iPad and the device names were:

              - sensor.battery_level
              - sensor.battery_level_2
              - sensor.battery_state
              - sensor.battery_state_2

Now with the release they are:

              - sensor.davids_ipad_battery_level
              - sensor.davids_iphone_battery_level
              - sensor.davids_iphone_battery_state
              - sensor.davids_ipad_battery_state

Which stuffed up my lovelace card

I’m sure my app is up to date but am still seeing the …_2 entities. Thanks for the warning though. Will keep an eye on it.

Hmm. The beta timed out and was withdrawn today. App store says 2019.1 but the app says 2.0.0 (69) so I have no clue what the hell is going on. Maybe it’s cos I’m on HA 0.106.0b4?

So I’m not using the beta, all I have done is had my phone replaced under warranty and the phone names being the same.

I mainly use notify.ios_sam but have tried the notify.mobile_app_sam

Neither are working I just don’t understand why

Did you check the entity ids?

What do you mean?

Ok so there seem to be 4 some how. Presume I follow that clean method

So I know have notify.mobile_app_sam working after clearing and resetting the integration.

But the iOS notify doesn’t work

The new app has only the notify.mobile_app_xxx service
The iOS was for the old app

Do you have ios: in your config yaml? Not 100% sure but if you use actionable notifications that might be still needed?

The notification service has changed to

service: notify.mobile_app_sam

Very first breaking change listed here: Getting Started | Home Assistant Companion Docs

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