iPhone instead of Raspberry Pi?

Ok. Super random question coming from a non-developer.

I have not installed HA yet. I was considering what device I would use to run the application on. Of course, Raspberry Pi seems to be the beginner’s choice. However, I will be upgrading to iPhone 12 this year. As such, I will have a spare iPhone XR with 64 GB of capacity, free to abuse as needed.

Would this iPhone be a candidate? If yes, would I run it on a VM or direct?

Any specifics would be quite helpful.


Thats a great question. Home Assistant is a server of sorts. You would want to run Home Assistant on a device that is always located within range of the other smart devices it interfaces with. This typically means on the same network and within range of other devices using technology like zwave and zigbee. You would use the app or a browser on your phone to access the server to control the various devices connected to it. In my experience, a raspberry pi seems to be the most streamline and efficient way to run Home Assistant. I’ve tried others including VM and could make it work but I always came back to the pi for simplicity sake.

I can’t see any reason to do this.

First of all Apple isn’t known for allowing users to decide much, so I would be surprised if it actually is possible.

Second, it will only run on wifi. It’s far better to run with a cable.

Third. It will have all the limitations a pi also has with memory that can break. Except that it’s a little more expensive to replace the memory on an iPhone.

Fourth, that is one expensive installation of HA.
If you really have unlimited with money then go ahead. But a pi is cheaper and you can sell the iPhone.

Probably lots of other reasons. But I believe this is enough.


Thank you for your input, Ken!

Thank you for your thoughts. Much appreciated. Onto a different idea.