iPhone's Home app displaying "No remote access" after HA update

Hi all,

I used to run HA on my Synology NAS as a docker install (as provided by the hass.io community package). I sticked to 0.118.4. The setup was somewhat flakey so that I never dared to update anything and decided to switch everything to a Raspi 4 with the official OS later.

In the original setup everything worked, especially the HomeKit integration to expose HA and its entities to my (and my wife’s) phones. So far so good.

Recently I finally switched to HA on Raspi 4 (8GB), fresh install with the then latest-and-greatest HA version, which was 2021.6.5. I setup everything from scratch, also HomeKit, and while everything basically works (again) I am super annoyed by iOS always displaying this new warning on each screen in the Home App: “No remote access”

I don’t understand why this started to happen after the switch. It is absolutely true that there is no remote access, this is on purpose, but I don’t get why Home starts to display this warning after the update. I also added the local DNS name of my HA Raspi as “external URL” (because I noted that the old installation on the NAS did exactly that as well), but with no success. The Raspi is on the same LAN as my NAS.

Any ideas what I could do here to get rid of this redundant warning?


The message disappeared by itself a couple of days ago.
Strange but welcome!