iRobot Roomba i7+ Configuration using Rest980

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this sounds like wrong credentials!

As @pasleto states, this support the vast majority of wireless iRobot roombas as it uses dorita980/rest980 as its connection platform.

I stated the i7… because this is the one i have :rofl:

@Jeremy, finally have some time to complete teste and I’m happy to report that everything works perfectly! after setting $set_first_coordinate = 3 strange initial lines disappeared and also status is displayed as a single row on my map!

Next step is to recreate a bit more accurate maps (perhaps using floorplan) and setting configuration for multi floor operation.

Thanks a lot for your great support!

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I just got the combo pack with the Roomba S9+ and the Braava M6.
Is it possible to configure both in the integration configuration or is it only supporting one?

Would like to understand how I get them both into HA :slight_smile:


@Jeremy, is it me only or 0.110 broke your vacuum card - I do not see the background?
Also searching for background image (to rule out something wrong with this part) I noticed that integration creates images of cleaning map after each cleanup in vacuum directory. Should I take care about (I mean periodicaly clean the directory) or these are somehow discarded automatically after some time?

Yes, just need to effectively setup two instances, one for Roomba, one for braava.

Yeah it has - simple fix :man_facepalming: I’ll sort it out tomorrow morning !

Sorry for maybe a noob question, how and what do you mean by 2 instances?

In the config section in the add-on is that where I enter two of the same?

Ah, I’ll spin up a second instance on my repo in the morning so you have the option :+1:

Thanks a million!

I already did that :slight_smile: Because i need second instance :smiley:

I’ve added second instances this morning :slight_smile:

background has been fixed in latest lovelace card release this morning

I have updated the GH Repo to include performing image cleanup
Review this commit for details :slight_smile:

I am thinking to buy a robot vacuum, but I haven’t decided which brand. I saw irobot and xiaomi these two have been developed quite well with HA.

Thank you @Syrius

if your considering the roomba, i highly recommend getting the plus model (with clean base)

yes its more expensive, but not having to empty the bin is magical :heart_eyes:

Has anyone had an issue with the i7/i7+ where after establishing the integration in HA, it becomes unavailable? Is there a trick to keeping this alive?


which integration? this deployment does not use the built-in “vacuum” component?

@Syrius maybe is already answered but I can’t find it. Is it possible that somehow data for last cleaning job are visible directly from sensor.rest980 (for my Roomba 980 model) like in iRobot app on the phone - duration, cleaning area - something like in picture below:

then I can expose those values directly through template sensor… Or I need to subtract last values (after latest cleaning job) and the one before that?

these, for the most part should already be exposed as job attributes under sensor.vacuum ?

On my side exposed are total (overall) values not the data for the last job. I’m speaking for my iRobot 980 model. I don’t know if there is some other data for newer models like i7…
Below is my screenshot for this sensor.vacuum: