Is a NUC overkill for just HA?

As the title suggests, I’m wondering if a NUC is just too much for running just HA.

I migrated over from RPi4 a few weeks ago, running HA on Proxmox VM on the NUC and ever since I seem to be having problem after problem.

This morning, for example, one of my automations didn’t run (lights on in a room on motion) and I checked another room and it didn’t work there either. So, I tried to access HA via my phone companion app and couldn’t.

So, I then connected to Proxmox and the HA VM was running but I noticed in the Summary that the CPU was running at about 120%. As the VM looked to be running, again I checked in the companion app but still could not connect to HA.

Only one thing for it, I rebooted Proxmox, and HA came back to life.

Because of this, I downloaded Esxi Stats integration from the HACS store, but when I try to set up the config, it doesn’t recognise the server.

Assuming I’m entering the correct data:

Host name/IP: I entered IP address of Proxmox (without the port number on the end)
Port: Defaulted to 443 but I changed it to 8006 (also tried 443 first and changed the port forwarding on my router to match)
User: Entered Username to access Proxmox (‘root’)
Password: Entered my Proxmox password

However, I kept getting error messages that it couldn’t connect or couldn’t validate the details I’d entered.

So, this got me thinking, shall I just say stuff it and go back to my RPi4 that I had no issue with?

I like the idea of running HA on a SSD for the longevity compared to a card, along with the increased reboot/restart speeds but, is it just a bit too far for a HA?

Maybe it’s me, and I’m doing something wrong?!?!

I open to suggestions/advice/feedback :smiley:

perhaps this issue? (DNS-Fallback)

BTW, have HA running on a dedicated NUC (without virtualization) and it is running smooth and fast. Overkill? I don’t think so if your whole house automation runs on it incl. cameras. (jm2c)


I think maybe that’s what I’ll do at the weekend (when I’ve got time) is move to non-VM and run HA direct from the NUC and see how that goes. I only chose the VM option as a way of duplicating HA in case it crashed, though I haven’t set that up yet.

One thing I’ve just noticed is this in the logs.


I have systemmonitor set up in the config but, apparently, that can’t read the processor temperature if the HA instance is in a VM, so I’m wondering if it’s trying too hard to access the info and that’s what’s causing the CPU spike.

Thanks for the idea, I’ll try the dedicated approach and see how I get on.

Same here! Very pleased with HAOS on my NUC, especially since the NUC had been just gathering dust for a year in my drawer.

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Docker install for me with 0 issues

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right now, I am running two hassOS installations as VM on a Proxmox host - but not on a NUC…
Haven’t any bigger issues with the system - except that the VM is showing 95% of the Memory the VM has assigned as “in use”… which could be a Linux thing - “used memory is good memory” - as long as the system is not running out of resources… :wink:

the great benefit of having HassOS in a system like Proxmox is the ability to outsource all your “addons”…
NodeRed → is running in its own LXC.
RaspberryMatic? → is running in its own VM
ModbusProxy? → is it’s own LXC…

all these things - which might connect other systems to each other and not fully rely on homeassistant are completely independend if HA is running or not.
Automations in nodeRed would still be triggered - as long as they don’t need the entities from HA…

Also, having the addons not within HomeAssistant has another benefit:
I have less troubles with OS updates … (the last time, it broke my raspberrymatic and I had to wait for 9.2. to be released…)

So… yes.
I wouldn’t say proxmox / nuc is an overkill for HA.
Else - I could not imagine to run a software like HA on a py… I am using my own Maria DB which can handle nearly half a year of recordings - if I assign more disk space to it - even a year of “full” recorder-data … this is something, the SQLite CANNOT handle… imagine, the system needs to keep a 15 or 25 GB Database file in memory including the running system and addons …

I would ALWAYS prefer the method you have decided to go with.
The issues might be related to something else…

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