Is anyone controlling a Wyze lightbulb socket - without a Wyze camera? ESPHome?

I picked up a couple of these lightbulb sockets with a USB-A 5V power supply built in because I needed to get power to a ESP32 touch switch for a bedside lamp with a smart bulb installed.

They’re working just great, and happened to be the cheapest (and least ugly) option for this sort of product.

However, per the product description, a Wyze camera is capable of cutting power to the integrated bulb socket and the socket itself is somehow able to pair/control other nearby Wyze sockets.

The socket itself is (I think) controlled by the camera over USB, since the package includes a USB cable and a note to use that cable specifically, rather than the USB cable supplied with the WYZE camera.
Here’s the FCC report internal photos:

This specifically says it’s using BLE:

Unfortunately, no details on the chipset inside.

What’s got me curious is not really the ability to toggle power to the attached bulb (though nice to have), it’s that BLE radio inside of it. If the USB port is a serial data connection, it would be pretty great to be able to use the BLE radio in the socket as a BLE proxy antenna, send that over the data lines to my attached ESP32 and let my ESP32 just stay connected to WiFi constantly for a more reliable connection.

So, has anyone opened up one of these or done a deeper dive?