Is device tracker bluetooth not working?

I used this to set up Bluetooth tracker:

But nothing’s happening. I don’t see the file known_devices.yaml surface, so I have a suspicion that this may be something obsolete? Or is it?

This is what I have in my Configuration.yaml (even though I thought everything could be activated from integration now, I did not find Device Tracker there):

  - platform: bluetooth_tracker
    request_rssi: false
      track_new_devices: true
    interval_seconds: 5

For some reason BT tracker has also stopped working for me in the past couple of months. All device trackers source is showing as ‘NULL’

I should have finished this thread, sorry. I gave up on that and went with ESPresense. That now works flawlessly with four ESP32 devices in my cabin and four in my house. I haven’t unlocked a dor manually for a week! :slight_smile: