Is Home Assistant a good fit for turning my lights on and off from my phone?

Hi all! I’m trying to figure out if Home Assistant is a good fit for my simple use-case:

I’ve got two groups of lamps at home: home-lamps and grow light. They’re all “dumb”, i.e. wire with a switch to the wall outlet. I want to use my android phone to turn the home-lamps on/off, and to schedule the grow-lamps to turn on/off att set times. Does this seem like a Home Assistant use-case?

I’ve got a Raspberry Pi lying around and plenty of Linux and programming experience. What would be a standard device for getting Home Assistant to control my “dumb” lamps?

For this sort of simple use case you could get away with any Tuya smart plug and their app. Or any number of other vendors that make smart plugs.

But yes as long as Home Assistant can connect to your chosen smart plug(s) it too can do this (and so much more), without the risk of a cloud service provider discontinuing their service - as long as you get a plug that can be controlled locally.

To suggest a smart plug we need to know what country you are in.

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Thank you for the swift answer!

I’m in Sweden. Any recommendations for smart plugs that work with Home Assistant would be greatly appreciated.

The Ikea Tradfri range is Zigbee, so local control by default. You can either use it with their hub or buy a Zigbee stick (such as any CC2652 based stick) and use ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT.

Or for wifi:

Thank you both very much!

I’m looking at Tradfri + ZHA. Have I understood correctly that I would not need the Tradfri Gateway, but only my Raspberry Pi 3 with a Zigbee stick, e.g. ConBee II, and the Tradfri smart lights themselves?

That is correct.