Is HomeAssist off line?

Looking for an app that will determine if my HA instance has hung up (happening alot these days). Something that will ping the host and if it’s offline, send an email. Interestingly enough, I contacted Nabucasa about this, and its on their list of future modules. Any help appreciated.


If Android, you can do this with Llamalab Automate.

There are several pitfalls here you need to take into account.

  • If you want to ping it from outside, then you need to forward the ping to the HA, so it will not just be the router that respond.
  • Is HA hanging, but the post still running, then a ping might still give a response.
  • Is HA just not connected, but still running, then an automation might be the solution
  • Node Red might be able to determine if HA is responding and then react if it is not.
  • An internal extra server, like another small Raspi, might solve the problem internally
  • There are websites (also free ones) that can ping a server and respond with an email

Any way we can help to get to the cause of why it is hanging?

I’d love the assistance to figure out why it hangs. Seems to be a memory issue on my NUC (although there’s PLENTY of Ram). Im a novice and I cobbled my system together. Other than this Major snafu, I could NOT be any happier with HA and the community of support. Thanks in advance.

What is my next step?

Have you looked through all the logs to see if there is any correlation to the hang events?

Just a link to a free website monitoring.

But I agree with MaxK. Find the reason to why it hangs rather than to mend the symptoms of it.

I don’t even know where to start. The HA instance of VM has at least 5 different log files. If I knew what I was looking for I could at least post them. Nothing seems to be consistent with the crashes except that the VM Virtual Box instance goes from “running” to “abort”. :frowning:

would anyone be able to help me if I upload the logs? Totally stumped here.

Make a new thread with a topic asking for help with searching for clie to the crash in logs.
Then upload as much info as you can think as usefull, like logs, graphs over CPU usage and so on.