Is it a good idea to centralize all sonoff/shelly/similar relays in boxes per room?

Hello,I’m starting to build (all from the ground) a cottage in the mountain and i’m looking forward to playing with automation inside it.

I probably wont have enough money to install all of the needed devices immediately, but i want to make it as flexible as possible.

One idea that i had was to put boxes with doors in the walls - one in each of the rooms - through which all of the wires needed for the outlets/switches in that room will pass.

At the beginning, all of the wires will be connected as if the box doesn’t even exist, but later when i get a relay, it will be possible for an electrician to just cut the wires there and install the device inside the box.

I also plan to add one additional box where i will put an raspberry pi as a server, with home assistant on it. On the door of that box i plan to install the antenna needed for the zigbee module.

The boxes would be put somewhere high on the wall so they won’t be easily reachable by kids, for example.

Does this make sense? Has anyone done something similar? What material would you use for the boxes? Plastic, custom cut and bent aluminium?

Can i assume that few devices (eg. wifi sonoff relays) put in a tight space won’t cause issues for each other (eg. messing with signals, temperature, etc?)
Maybe adding some holes on the front is a good idea?