Is it possible for HA (with Nabu Casa) to identify which echo device heard the command?

I have setup an MQTT light to test with. I have 5 echo dots.

When i say “turn on X light” I can’t see any identifying information in the MQTT that says which echo heard the command.

Is it possible to see which echo device heard me?

The end game is to say a command to Alexa, and have her respond (with a variable) to the device i spoke to (using TTS)


The Alexa Media Player custom component has this, I use it so I can just walk into any room (we have 7 echo’s) and say “Alexa, turn on the lights” and she will turn on the lights for just that room.

Best to install it using HACCS. If you look on their github page under “automation examples” they show how to make a last alexa sensor.