Is it possible to configuring thermostats as master/slaver with automation?

I have two thermostats A and B controlling heating of a room. Thermostat B is not in a position to sense room temperature and thus B should mirror the relative state of A. Thus I am trying to build a master/slave configuration through an automation, but I am having a hard time figuring it out…

For instance: A’s target temp. is 24C and reads 22C. This difference of 2C is set on B: if B reads 28C, B’s target is set to 30C.

Some background: I am controlling two Devolo thermostats, which as far as I can tell cannot be configured in a master/slaver setup.

Wouldn’t you want them both set at the same target in the same room?

No, my sitation is that I have floor heating, which thermostat is located in a small utility cubby with a bunch of heat pipes.

Previously this valve were a manual one, which sucked. But with a thermostat the floor is basically heated with an inverse proportion to the heating of the entire building… which sucks even more :stuck_out_tongue:

So if I can copy the relative target-sensor state of an identical thermostat unit, positioned in a useful location, I think the system could work.